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I'm a proud Democrat who works with Republicans and Independents to put people over politics.

Texas has always been a state of opportunity, but today’s broken political system is undermining our future. From the White House to the State House, our leaders often choose short-term pandering over long-term planning. Irresponsible politics is keeping us from moving forward.
Short-sighted decisions at the State Capitol hurt middle-class families in Williamson County. Families, like yours and mine, are paying more for less – for our schools, for our roads, and for our healthcare. From Round Rock to Taylor, we want our state government to get back to basics.
We need leaders who are focused on building a future where every Williamson County family can get ahead. As a Round Rock native, a former public school teacher, and your State Representative, I’m committed to that future. In this campaign, and throughout my service to the great people of House District 52, we’ll be honest about the real work it will take to get us there.
With your help, we can model common sense in our State Capitol and craft responsible policies. We can value Texans of all backgrounds and beliefs. We can respect local communities and the decisions they make for themselves. We can invest in our people and grow our economy. We can build an inclusive Texas where every family can achieve their fullest potential. We worked diligently to accomplish all of these things during the 86th Legislative Session, but we are not done yet, and we need to keep working for a state that supports every Texan.


James Talarico